Li Dinê - Were Were Yare
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Li Dinê - Were Were Yare

Were were were were
Were were yara min
Were were were were
Hey gul û gulzara min

People search,
For the love of their life,
And when its gone, oh no
Future holds,
Nothing as close,

All the sand corns in sahara
All the water in every river
All time in every era
My love for you becomes that clearer

State my name, state, state my name
I got to proclaim my, very obvious claim
My irresistible ways, my conspicuous game
I tried to maintain, this given natural fame
But damn, what’s been happening when i’ve been rapping?
You made me start laughing, now tell me is this happening
You made me stop flashing, it ain’t about the fashion
You made me stop dazzling, it ain’t about the cashin
With you, we’ve had our past
One kiss from you, could be my last
Like sand in glass, this moment will pass
Treasure every second, that we gon’ have
So maybe we’ll hold hands, and maybe we’ll have plans
Maybe we’ll take an airplane to france
Me and you together as long as we can
De were were yarê, let this begin

Were were were were
Were were yarê
Min te hez dikim

Ka tu şîroveyeke giranbuha li vê gotinê nakî?

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